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Report: Our Need For E-Health Guides
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Report on Focus Groups

As part of the E-HEALth Literacy project, the current context and use of e-health sevices by professionals, insurances and the public were explored by conducting focus groups in Greece, Germany, Lithuania, Slovenia and Switzerland. The focus groups were aimed at receiving insights from health policy experts, representatives of the competent ministry, application developers, non-governmental organizations active in the field of e-health, health workers, health insurance representatives, developers and providers of e-health services as well as users of these services. The common results of the national focus groups are summarized in “The Report on Focus Groups” and can be downloaded here.

Report: Our Need for E-Health Guides

During the desk research and focus groups, the project partners realized that the need of a specific role that is needed in society in order to develop and promote the necessary skills regarding e-health and that is the role of the e-health guide. In the report, the partners describe the steps and arguments to come to this conclusion. The report is translated into the partner languages and available in English.