The HEAL project aims to empower all people
that can benefit most from using e-health services.

The project will create a training that qualifies key actors
in becoming multipliers of digital health literacy and
foster digital health literacy among European citizens.

Digital Health Literacy

Digital health literacy is (a) the ability to seek, find, understand, and appraise health information from digital sources and (b) being able to identify the data generated from our digital activities, with the underlying citizen rights and obligations, while applying the knowledge gained to addressing a health issue.

Collection of existing material

Heal Repository

HEAL Repository offers the following ressources in english, german, french, lithuanian, slovenian and greek.

English Repository

Find resources in English soon!

German Repository

Find resources in German soon!

French Repository

Find resources in French soon!

Lithuanian Repository

Find resources in Lithuanian soon!

Slovenian Repository

Find resources in Slovenian soon!

Greek Repository

Find resources in Greek soon!

Building a European HEAL Community

The project will build a networks accross European countries to promote e-health literacy.

HEAL Partners

Stiftung Digitale Chancen

SDC will coordinate the project, contribute to the design of the training and pilot the training in Germany.

Association Rural Internet Access Points

VIPT will analyse the results of the project and create the HEAL netiquette as well as pilot the training in Lithuania.


Simbioza will coordinate the collection and creation of the repository and pilot the traning in Slovenia. is associated partner of the project with expertise in the e-health sector and will also pilot the training in Switzerland.


IASIS will coordinate the development of the curriculum and the toolkit as well as pilot the training in Greece.