First Partner Meeting in Ljubljana

The first face-to-face partner meeting of the project HEAL took place in the lovely capital of Slovenia: Ljubljana! The partner organisation Simbioza welcomed the consortium in their offices on the 11th and 12th of May 2022. The consortium develops the project “E-Health Literacy” in order to increase the sovereign use of e-health services in society. With a “multiplier approach” the project will address professionals working in the health sector or in facilitating digital competences to adult learners first. The multipliers will be equipped with the knowledge, tools and methods to support and train adults in their usage of e-health services.

On the first day of the meeting, the partners presented and discussed the results of the desk research (PR1). The consortium derived from the results the learning needs of the target groups and the current most important e-health services.

The project will develop a modular course for the multipliers and a toolkit with activities, worksheets that the multipliers can use when working with the beneficiaries. So the second day was focussed on determining target group oriented learning modules and deciding for a suitable platform. The partner organisation IASIS presented the learning concept and gave a demonstration on the concept and use of Wikibooks. The consortium decided to develop five thematic modules:

  • Module 1: Skills and competences to facilitate the usage of e-health services
  • Module 2: Searching & Selecting Information
  • Module 3: Interaction & Usage of services (e.g. well-being apps)
  • Module 4: Communication & connection with a health professional (telemedicine)
  • Module 5: Data Privacy & digital health records (owning one’s health data)

All modules and resources will be tested and afterwards available on the HEAL platform.
The project HEAL is co-funded by the European Union.